Saturday, September 20, 2014

Owl Skirt and Top set

Sprite loves owls...she is really, really obsessed with them.  She reads everything she can find on owls; she collects owl stuff; she even has managed to get a picture of one of the barred owls that live in the woods behind our house.  Right now she is working on an owl pillow for her room in her own sewing corner.  She really, really loves owls.

Last February, we found a cute aqua twill fabric with owls all over with that she was determined to make a skirt from it.  She started out all excited, but one thing led to another, her sister had surgery (twice) then a broken leg so I couldn't supervise, she got busy with her 4-H projects and just lost interest for a long time.  Six months and a growth spurt later, I finally finished the skirt for her to get it out of the way, but of course she'd outgrown it by then.

I went back to Hancock's to see if I could find that same fabric, but no luck.  I did, however, find this adorable owl print in a seersucker fabric:

(Double click to see larger version)
Sprite loved it.  Okay, she was crazy excited about it.  We decided on a tiered skirt and I used the now out-of-print Kwik Sew 3411 to make it as I had that in my stash already.

Tiered skirts are fun to make.  I used my little hemmer attachment on the Singer 401 to hem the bottom tier and the ruffler attachment to gather the fabric.  It does take a few tries to get the settings right so that the ruffled fabric to fit the next tier up, but once you have have it set, it makes gathering the other tiers very fast and easy.

Kwik Sew 3411, size L (10-12)
 I should have topstitched each tier, but was running out of time that evening.

(Great tutorial on ruffling can be found here:  The Ruffler Unruffled by

Then we needed a top.  I've made the Funky Sisters Tee from Ottobre several times -- it is a great and simple top with a little more style than an ordinary t-shirt and fun to dress up with embroidery.  (Click here for the line drawing.)  Sprite and I chose a bright green interlock for the fabric and found this adorable owl on

The final t-shirt looks like this:

Funky Sisters T, size 152
And the completed set:

Modeled by Sprite.
She loves it. I could only get it back for pictures when it came back for the wash -- she even wore it for picture day at school so this set is a winner.

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Donna W said...

Really cute outfit. She has grown so much since the last pics you posted.