Monday, September 15, 2014

Sewing Room 2014

Thank you all for the kind welcome back -- it feels good!  I'm looking forward to writing again!

My sewing machines have been in nearly every room in the house over the past six years.  My patient DH and not-so-patient son have moved them up and down stairs more times than a yo-yo.  I think, finally, they have found a mostly permanent home and the funny thing is, they ended up in the exact same place they started out.

What prompted the last move was this:

and this:

The first picture is the platform lift that has been installed for the Diva.  She finally has access to the other half of the house, and more importantly, a safe way to get downstairs in her wheelchair in the event of a tornado warning.  She can also get to the backyard, something she hasn't been able to do for a long time.

The second picture is DH's new office.  He works from home four days a week and had been set up in the middle of the family room.  When I quit my job, we found it to be very awkward to have two of us in the same space.  I couldn't run the laundry or sew because he had conference calls he needed to hear.  So we had to come up with something more workable.

When we bought this house, the basement was completely finished.  One side of the stairs was a family room with closet space and laundry space.  The other side was a bedroom with a small hallway leading to the furnace room and a full bath on the right and a long narrow storage room on the left.  We hired a local (very local -- lives around the corner from us) contractor to come in to combine that room and the hall into one room.  He added electrical and network outlets, did the drywall and a new door.  We hired a flooring guy to put in wood look vinyl planks (Adura, if you are interested -- we did the same stuff all over upstairs and love it.)  I did the painting and voila:   home office.  It is not a big room, only 8' by 11', but it is enough for the computers he needs for work and play.   The rest of his stuff is stored in the furnace room.

That meant I had the whole family room to myself...sort of.  We still need to do the laundry and we needed an area for the Diva to enjoy TV.  So this is how it came out:

Pressing area: 
The doors to the right hide the washer and dryer.  Love the gravity feed iron -- it is a Silver Star  ES-90 from Amazon.  The board is a Big Board that is supposed to sit on a regular ironing board, but it wanted to tip a lot, so I replaced it with the wire shelves.  Bought these from Bed Bath and Beyond, but you can get them most places.

Embroidery Area:

Close to the computer for quicker access to the designs I have stored there.

Computer Area:

Usually not nearly so neat.  The glider to the right is for DH for our budgeting sessions and because I can't get rid of it -- I have spent many many hours rocking babies in that glider.

Sprite's sewing area and the library:

Sprite has her Hello Kitty machine (under cover) set up and she also uses this area for homework and art.  I was going to sell the two Brother machines, a 1034D and a 2340CV, but had a 4-H sewing student this summer who used the serger and decided they were worth keeping.  The book shelves also house my collection of sewing books, computer programming books and Ottobre magazines.

TV viewing area

The treadles holding the speakers?  I know, but I can still get to the Singer 15-88 and the 15-91 inside if I want to.  Mathilda likes to check out the woods and what the neighbors are up to.

Cutting Area:

My cutting "table" is made from the top of my original JoAnns cutting table that got too wobbly now sitting on three Closet Maid cubicles.  I get storage and a sturdy table in one.  There is a gap under the table for hiding storing bigger things. Some rubber shelf liner keeps the top from moving a round.  And a chair for holding things I haven't had time to put away yet.

I like to keep my tools handy.  I bought this plastic pegboard for keeping my scissors and marking supplies closet at hand.  My rulers are just hung on the wall.  The basket is re-purposed from an old dishwasher.

Sewing Machines

This is where all the fun happens.   Babylock BLCS, Pfaff Ambition 1.5 and Babylock Imagine.  The poor little doll in the corner is awaiting new clothes.  Again, I like to keep my tools at hand and have repurposed my iPad box to keep snips, scissors, screwdrivers, tweezers, etc., close at hand.  You might also note that each machine has a little bucket next to it for small scraps and threads.  I can't stand working in a mess.

The Pfaff is sitting on my grandmother's old cabinet and inside is a lovely Singer 201.  The Imagine is sitting on a lovely cabinet I found in Craigslist that was hand built by the seller's father for her mother.  Beautiful piece of furniture and I will treasure the story behind it also.

My lovely Singer 401, purchased from Sew-Classic a few years ago when I was looking to figure out how to put a machine into my mother-in-law's cabinet.  The machine still works beautifully and I use it in conjunction with the Pfaff.  

I know a lot of people say not to display your thread like this, but I've never had problems with thread being dusty or going bad.  It isn't exposed to a lot of sunlight, though this room is bright on a sunny day, so that may be the reason.  The door goes to my bedroom.

Finally, a wider shot to show you the layout of the room.  The room is shaped like a backward L, with the bottom of the L at the steps.

Photobombed by Mathilda.    The doors just in front of the pressing station hold my stash in plastic tubs.  I detest the sliding doors and hope to someday replace them with bi-folds so I can see my whole stash at once.

Well, that's the tour!  Thanks for coming to visit and I hope you come back soon!


Angela said...

What a lovely and well-equipped sewing room! I also sew on a 401; it's nice to see someone else using theirs:)

pat in MO said...

enjoyed seeing your sewing room. I wish I had a cutting board like yours. I only have one sewing machine. it is a Viking 118. I help sew at the dance school. here learned to use a serger. Make all my doll clothes with just the sewing machine. what do you make in your sewing room? pat

SewPaula said...

Thank you!

Pat, I make clothes, mostly for me and the girls with an eye to selling some of the dresses and jackets I adapt for the Diva on Etsy someday.