Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Ottobre Marja, gtube style

I have made quite a few things since I last posted, but they are too boring to post:  a white long-sleeved Jalie shirt for the Boy Scout to wear under his band polo, three pair of flannel PJ pants (Ottobre) for Sprite and matching Kwik Sew pants for her dolls and a long sleeved t-shirt for the Diva (Kwik Sew 3056).  Useful, warm and even fun (for Sprite's dolls), but boring to blog about.

As the Diva needs more warm clothes for the winter, I decided to try another g-tube dress.  I haven't done one of these in a long time.  I made a bunch of them when the Diva had her hip surgery in 2009, but long skirts got in the way of the wheelchair so I stopped.  When she broke her leg this spring, I thought about it as trying to get pants over a cast is not a lot of fun, but didn't have time, so I made a bunch of simple elastic skirts instead.  She wore them all summer even after the cast came off and we still use them for hanging around the house days. 

Skirts without something underneath doesn't work well for school however, so we went back to pants when school started this fall.  But I still had a yen to make dresses.  The old Twirly Dress and Kwik Sew patterns that I used to use no longer fit, so I pulled all the Ottobre magazines I own and Sprite and I went through them.  We decided on the Marja jersey tunic (Spring 2009) as part of an overall wardrobe.

This is a fairly simple tunic, basically a short t-shirt with a short skirt gathered and attached.  I used the same adaptation as in the tutorial.  I made a size 152 which will fit both Diva and Sprite.  For this version, I lengthened the bodice by two inches so that it was long enough to cover the Mic-key button.  Otherwise, the button would have been under the skirt.  For any of these that I make for Sprite, I will use the original bodice pattern.

Side note:  I am amused that in the latest Ottobre magazine, there is a little boy's shirt in the same fabric.  Mine came from Chez Ami Fabrics several years ago and theirs is from Hilco.  I would have loved some of that smaller stripe for this project, though.

Here is a close-up of the layers and how they work for the g-tube.  I used the longest keyhole buttonhole that my Singer buttonholer has.  This will open up enough to give access to the Mic-key button without having to lift up the skirt. 

I did mostly match the stripes on the sleeves to the bodice.   Not perfect but still wearable.  The one sleeve looks odd in the picture, but is okay in real-life.

I made knit pants from Kwik Sew 3056 to go with it.  This pattern usually works well as the rise is so long that it covers the diaper completely.  I did have to add 1 inch to the center back seam as she has developed a tush and it didn't quite fit anymore.  Sprite won't wear them as she prefers her waistbands to sit on her hips, so I don't have to to worry about her borrowing either piece.

I am not sure what I did to this particular pair, though.  When I traced it or cut it, one side of each leg was longer than the other.  I have used this same pattern at least a half dozen times or more and no problems, but this pair came out wonky.  She should still be able to wear them as she doesn't walk but they look odd. 

I will pay more attention to the next pair.  I have two sets of tracings for this pattern, so I wonder if I mixed them up?  Highly possible.

Thanks for reading!

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