Monday, February 27, 2017

Introducing the Old House

As I mentioned in my last post, my husband and I bought a older farm house literally across the street from his parents.  It is about 300 miles from our current home and in great need of updating and repair, but we hope to move in permanently in a little over a year.  We have a lot to do between now and moving day.
Back side of the house.  Door and window to the left enter a small addition with half bath and storage.

Dog house and tree in middle of pasture.

 It sits on a little over two acres where the topsoil is measured in feet, not inches.  I hope to finally have a great garden spot at last after spending a life time trying to grow things in clay and rocks. There are several outbuildings and much of the acreage is fenced pasture planted in clover.

Chicken shed

Chicken coop?  There are roots on the ground inside.

Barn.  Needs work.
Pasture Pump.  Needs priming

Per the sellers, the house was built around 1890, making it about 127 years old. Downstairs there is an entrance hall, living room, dining room, kitchen and half bath.  Upstairs, there are three bedrooms and a full bath.  It has had a lot of owners and a lot of updates in that time.  We know it was originally built without indoor plumbing or electricity, heat was provided by a coal furnace in the cellar and water came from either a cistern by the house or a well out by the barn.  The chimney from the furnace rose through the kitchen to provide the exhaust for a cook stove..  Walls have been removed and added over the past 100 years so we don't have a clear idea of the original floor plan.  We are not even sure if the shed dormers on either side of the house were original, but we suspect they were added later.

My favorite features?  The front porch (with swing!) and the bookcase colonnades between the living room and dining room.  I love the woodwork and having a dining area separate from the kitchen. 
Front porch and swing.

Bookcase Colonnades
Entrance hall, complete with texting teenager.
Dining room where people can hang out without being in my way in the kitchen.

I guess most people would hate the obviously dated kitchen.  I love it.  The drainboard sink is my favorite along with all the cabinets.  The odd blank space in the far wall used to be a window, but it does provide a good sized work area.  I may put up shelves for things that would normally sit on on the counters.

The only big issue I have with the kitchen is the cabinet to the right of the stove.  It doesn't match the others (probably added later) and I want to center the stove between two smaller cabinets.  I will lose some  cabinet space for bigger items but I would prefer to have the stove further from the wall.
Kitchen.  The corner to the left of the stove is the old chimney.

So that is the quick highlights.  My next post will be about the history of the house as we know it and a few conjectures about what was modified and when. 


bbarna said...

Love this! I am a big fan of older homes. My parents bought an old farmhouse when I was a teenager, and my dad spent over 30 years fixing it up. We had an amazing garden as well. I am looking forward to these posts, as well as your sewing posts!

Liane said...

I love your new house. It looks like a happy place.

Eileensews said...

Love the old house!
I'm a huge fan of old houses and all the quirks that go with them.