Sunday, April 16, 2017

Old House Update - Bathroom Demo Finished

DH went up to the house last weekend and got quite a bit done.

First, he finished pulling all the plaster and lathe from the bathroom walls.  We are now ready for the plumber to do his rough-in.

Then he took a look up in the attic.  He could see the knob and tube wiring laying on the insulation.  I am so glad that we are going to rewire all that.  Before we do, he took a sample of the insulation and we sent it off for asbestos testing.  We should learn the results this coming week.

The attic is a nice size, but not tall enough to consider using it for another bedroom.

You can see the chimney remains on the right.
Then he and his brother-in-law started taking down the paneling over the staircase.  Unfortunately for us, the paneling was glued to the plaster.  That was disappointing.  I was hoping the walls would be in better shape, but we suspect we made need to remove this plaster and replace with sheetrock.

They did find that the octagonal window was originally a full sized window.  I am really curious as to why it was changed.

DH also talked to the electrician who is going to replace the electrical panel and the plumber, so he made good progress last weekend.  This weekend and next, he is home for family activities.  It works out as we wait for the test results and the plumbing to get started. 

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