Thursday, June 08, 2017

Ottobre 2014-03-35 "Miss Meadow"

Sprite has always had definite opinions about what she wants to wear.  When she was two years old, I made an adorable sundress set using a yellow and orange floral print and made with lots of ruffles.  She flat out refuse to wear it.  I insisted.  When I finally got it onto her, she shrieked unhappily as if the fabric was searing her skin.  After many tears, she told me what was wrong with the little dress:


I learned my lesson.  Never again would I make an outfit for her without consulting her on pattern and fabric choices.

Last fall, she decided to try out for the middle school talent show and planned to sing and play her guitar.  She requested a new dress for the event and together, we decided on the Miss Meadow dress from the 2014 Summer Ottobre. Sprite prefers clean lines, no fuss and no ruffles.  This dress fit the criteria perfectly. She wanted blue fabric, her favorite color, and we found royal blue rayon challis at JoAnns.

I managed to finish it before the talent show, but I really should not attempt to line up a zipper when sewing late at night. 
In my haste, I didn't think to match up the waist seams.

Also need practice making the top of the zipper come out right.
I didn't really catch the mistake until it was too close to show time to redo it.  Sprite was delighted with the dress despite its shortcomings and wore it to the show.  She performed beautifully and Mama cried a bit watching her.

This week, she entered three events in the 4-H Judging and Achievement Day:  judging, grooming and demonstration.  She wanted to wear her dress again for the grooming event, but I still hated that zipper and didn't want it seen.  We decided that I would make a belt and she found a similar weight aqua blue challis that both fit her aesthetic and looked good with the royal blue:

(If you want to enlarge the pics for detail, click once on any one picture and Blogger will take you to an album that will let you zoom in to details.)

The belt was just a simple tube that I interfaced with a fusible interfacing.  I narrowed the ends a bit to fit the buckle.  The belt ended up slightly too short so I added a snap to keep it closed.  The buckle covers the snap and it was easy for Sprite to get on and off.

Here are a couple pictures of her modeling the dress on the way to Judging and Achievement Day:


The waist seam slipped under the belt.  I wanted to tack the belt to one side of the zipper but ran out of time.

She and I both loved her look.  The judges did too, as well as her general poise and personality, and she received blue ribbons for both grooming and her demonstration (she made chocolate chip scones).  She got a red for judging but she had done that for the educational experience and was still happy with the ribbon.

The pink flamingos are not normally part of the landscaping, but we got "flocked" that day.  The youth group at our church has a great fundraiser where anyone can order a flock of pink flamingos to be placed in another church member's yard.  They also offer "insurance" so that members who don't want to be flocked can opt out.  It's all good fun and the money goes to fund the annual youth mission trip.  I was looking for our plastic Easter eggs to place under the birds to pretend they were laying eggs in our yard, but by the time I came up from the basement, they were gone.

That was a really good, fun day!

We are all back to the old house this weekend for more wiring, wall patching and a family reunion.  Hope you all have a good weekend too!

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