Monday, December 04, 2017

Old House -- Done for now

October and November were a whirl of activity for our family: the last marching band performances, concerts, talent shows and holidays.  Work has continued on the old house as well, just a little more slowly but significant progress was still made.

Since my last post:

  • The dining room ceiling has been completely installed.
  • All the trim in the dining room, kitchen, stair case window and upstairs bathroom has been installed.
  • The third coat of paint applied to Dear Husband's (aka DH) office.
  • All the trim in the living room, dining room, kitchen and bathroom has been painted.
  • The shelves removed from Sprite's closet.
  • Living room has been painted.
  • Sprite's room has been completely repainted, including trim and ceiling
  • Bought two rugs and a couch so we can now all sit down in one room without dragging in a kitchen or office chair
  • Started a war against the mice infesting the basement.
  • Cleaning has commenced.
I spent two weekends painting trim. The trim in upstairs bath and the kitchen was all painted white, but the trim of the rest of the house has been painted "Wild Boysenberry" by Behr in the Marquis line. We chose this to come as close as possible to the original stain.  Many, many years ago (at least 50), someone painted over most of the stained woodwork with a muddy brown painted that they then tried to make look wood by lightly brushing a darker color over it to make a "grain". It's kind of cool, but the paint was peeling, dirty and chipped. We did a lead paint test which was negative and decided to paint over it instead of stripping and re-staining. 

The entrance hall woodwork was never painted, however, and I want to retain that if possible. I am going to give it a good cleaning and maybe retouch the scratches. The Wild Boysenberry comes as close as we could get to matching the original stain.

The fun part was painting the crown molding. To prevent painting the brand new ceiling tile (in the pic at left), I did something I don't normally do: I taped everything and everywhere. Above and below the molding, around all the trim and even the floor (not shown here).

I used a lot of tape.

Tape ball almost the size of the fan from painting the dining and living rooms.

But it worked. I got minimal paint on the tiles and that small amount of paint isn't noticeable.

I panicked a bit when I started painting. The Wild Boysenberry is a deep deep purple. It is a much lighter purple when wet, however, and I was very concerned that it would look weird when I painted a whole room's worth of trim with it. Fortunately, it dried as a much deeper color and came out looking amazing.

In this picture, the inside of the doorway is the original stain, the left side is the new paint and the top is the old paint.  The paint here wasn't dry yet, but the color was still pretty close.

After all that, we hung curtains, cleaned, washed the bedding again and bought a couple rugs for the floors.  We got to spend Thanksgiving at the house just relaxing, visiting and playing a spirited game of Uno with the kids.

Here are the latest pics of the work done so far:

Entrance Hall:

Living Room (prior to curtains being installed -- they hadn't been delivered when I took the picture):

Book case doors have been installed since this picture was taken.
South window in progress.  I painted the trim but not the windows for now.  The windows will get repainted in the spring/summer when they get repaired and re-glazed.

Dining Room/Diva's Temp Bedroom:

The west (right) window didn't get painted at all.  It will make way for the pocket door that will lead into the Diva's permanent bedroom when the addition is built.  The dark trim in the back corner is covering the new drain for the upstairs bathroom.


Door to basement.  Difficult to see, but the trim now matches the door trim in the rest of the house.

Door to the storage room/downstairs bathroom

Storage Room:

I didn't paint this room or anything else as it is being removed with the addition.  I just cleaned it up.  Now you can both walk through it and find things.  Amazing!

Upstairs bathroom:

In addition to the trim being installed and painted, I also installed the towel hooks (left, past the door) and the toilet paper holder.    I installed a shower curtain later over the window to help protect it from the shower.

Senior's Bedroom:

He has new curtains and room on the floor to walk!  His room will get painted later this winter -- I am just sick of painting for now.

Office/Temporary Bedroom:

 We have curtains now too!  Yea for privacy!

We still need to have the trim in this room installed where the new drywall was put up and this door will become the door to this room.

Sprite's Bedroom:

We did a lot to this room as it had a texture ceiling that needed to be painted, all the trim had to be painted and the walls needed three coats.  We can't remove the mirror as it was glued to the wall, so I painted its trim to match the rest of the room.

Since this picture was taken, Sprite and her dad put up the guitar hangers
so she can hang her guitars on the wall.

The doors look so much better and you'd have to look twice to see that the bedroom door (left) doesn't match the rest of the doors in the house.  It is a six panel door and the original doors are four panel.

The closet: fresh, clean and ready to organize.
I mentioned the war on mice and you may have noticed the upside down tub on each bed.  Those tubs contain the sheets and blankets in an effort to prevent mice from nesting in the sheets.  We have a fairly large colony in the basement somewhere and the furnace picks up the stench from their nest and circulates throughout the house.  We have had an exterminator out to the house and are doing all we can.  Hopefully, once we move in and are in the house all the time, we will be able to better control them.  Cats are not an option, though, due to allergies and asthma.

Our remaining task list still seems daunting:
  • Clean and polish the floors
  • Paint the Senior's room including trim and ceiling
  • Paint remaining trim in office and maybe upstairs hall
  • Paint basement stairway
  • Paint front door.
  • Clean woodwork in entrance hall and staircase
  • Clean, repair, glaze and paint 20 windows
  • Install outlets in basement
  • Power wash and stain porch and ramp
  • Order and have installed new cabinets for either side of stove, new counter tops and new stainless steel sink in kitchen
That covers about everything for the main house until we start the new addition which will be a whole new adventure. 

We are taking a break for now until January.  We have a lot of activities planned for the month with Christmas and the end of first semester.  The house is now enjoyable and it was really nice just to relax and visit with friends and family over Thanksgiving.