Friday, March 02, 2018

Old House - March

Thanks to the weather, we haven’t been able to do a lot to the old house.  DH has been up a couple of times, mostly to visit his parents.  He and I did get away the first weekend of February sans kids for a weekend which was wonderful.

For that weekend, we rented a U-Haul trailer and loaded it with stuff from closets and under the basement steps that we aren’t using at our current home.  We figure the more small things we can move now, the less we will have to do for the big move this summer.  We moved our bookshelves and books also.  Most of these books are old favorites we’ve all read over and over as well as sewing books, computer programming and networking books and lots of books left over from various Bible studies.

I did a little more painting as well.  This is DH’s office where the trim was all painted white.  I used the same Wild Bosenberry paint that I used for the downstairs trim.

There is still some trim to be installed.

And we still need the door coming into the office.

I decided that I want to repaint the trim in the upstairs hallway and the wall side of the staircase all the way down to the main floor.  The trim has been painted before and is very chipped and dirty.  I also want to repaint the upstairs bathroom trim using a marine type paint to  help prevent damage from moisture.  This will be particularly important with the window in the shower.. 

We would prefer to not have to replace that window due to rot.  

I still have to paint the Scout’s room and that should be the last of the painting.  I was going to wait with all of it until the last of the trim was installed, but Dear Husband would like to set up at least part of his office so he can work while he is there for weekends.

The only other thing that we have done is to clear out the smoke house and move the good wood to another shed.  The smoke house is coming down to make way for the addition.  We also have to take down a small tree and move the clothes line.  DH has been on the phone with contractors to discuss estimates and time lines and we are now on the list for the foundation work to begin in late March or early April.  I am hoping to be completely done and settled by the first day of school. Earlier would be awesome but I am trying to be realistic.  Things happen.  We just have to roll with it.

I am still trying to find the best way to blog with the iPad.  Google’s only suggestion to use Chrome and request the desktop version of the page, but the screen still bounces to the top of the page with every other letter and I can’t edit the size of any picture other than the first one.  The BlogPad Plus app works the best for just typing text, but doesn’t like adding pictures from anything other than the camera roll and I prefer to store them in Google Pnotos. I tried a browser called Puffin which looks promising, but didn’t allow me to select text and weirdly overlays new text over old text, like the old dot matrix printers that would just print the same line over and over.  It’s frustrating.  I just hope it is not a sign that blogging in general is dying. 

We don’t have a lot planned for March — just cleaning and packing and maybe taking down the smoke house.  April should be when things get really exciting for the old house as we start the construction for the addition. 

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