Friday, August 03, 2018

We have moved!

Phase 1 of our move to DH's hometown is complete.  We have moved, the old house is sold and we are settling into our new community.

My last blog post was the first of March.  After that, life got crazy busy:  school, graduation, church, 4-H, getting the old house ready to go on the market and  packing, packing, packing.  Whew!

By the end of March, we thought we had enough done at the old house to start moving in.  The final trim was installed in the office and was painted.

Octagonal window over the stairs.  Forgive the selfie:  it's hard to take a picture of a window after dark.

We finally got to pull the carpet off the stairs.  We waited with that task until most of the painting and moving was done so that we wouldn't tear up the stairs even more.

Pulling staples can be a fun family activity!
Stairs after painting the stair backs.
I think we pulled about a million tiny staples from multiple carpets from those stairs.  We found at least two different carpets that have been installed over those steps in the past and both aluminum and copper staples.  After we were done, I painted the trim and the backs of the steps.  We are leaving the steps uncovered for now.

Though we had hoped to have the new counters installed before we moved, it didn't quite work out.  I had measured the north side counter (longest side with the sink) incorrectly and it was 5 1/2" too short and had to be re-ordered.  The counters and new sink were installed while I was back at the old house with the kids and I got to home to pretty new counters.

West and North walls.  Please excuse the dishes.

So pretty!

So nice having my own gas stove again!  Again, please excuse the mess in the dining room.
 The counters are Formica laminate in a slate blue.  We also had the cabinet that was to the right of the stove switched out to these narrower 12" cabinets on both sides of the stove to pull the stove away from the drywall covered chimney in the corner.  I am still debating on painting the cabinets to match the others.  I think the wood is pretty and the fact that they totally mismatch the original cabinets doesn't really bother me. 

Unfortunately, it turned out that the first set of counters were delivered without a backsplash and the no-drip edge that we had ordered.  The replacement countertop for the sink side came in and was correct, but the edges didn't match up and that leaves the potential for ruining the counters as water can seep into the seam.  We have the new counter top for the west wall sitting in the living room now and it will be installed soon.

During one of DH's visits in March, there was a pretty bad storm with some strong winds that took off part of our roof.  While it was not in our plans to replace the roof until the addition was complete so we could do it all at once, this storm prompted us to go ahead to have the roof replaced (no pics - some of the many that I have lost in the last few months.)

DH and his dad and BIL also removed a tree and shortened the clothesline in preparation for the addition:

As DH put it, that was one big root canal!

We moved the end of May and I didn't take pictures of moving day as I was just too busy.  It went relatively smoothly despite DS spraining an ankle.  We are now as settled as we can be while still waiting on the addition to get started.  We have a few more things to finish on the original house, but they will wait until school starts in three weeks so I can spend as much time with the girls as I can.  I hope to get more and better pictures then.

(I wrote this post, lost it, wrote it again, lost it again, lost most of my most recent pictures, but wanted to write this update before I forget everything.)

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Eileensews said...

I've enjoyed watching your house renovation! Someday you'll get to sew again.