Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Old House, New Addition Update

We have been very busy the past couple of months!

First we traded the "smoke house" (aka the shed behind the house) for additional work on the house, mostly repairing and re-glazing the old windows.  It took a lot of prep work on the part of the gentleman who took it home, but I thought it was really cool to watch it roll away.

We ended up hiring a different contractor for the foundation and once he set a date, our general contractor came out and tore off the old bathroom which had been constructed from an old porch.

After the first day, we could see the original porch that had been enclosed to make the bathroom.  The original bead board ceiling was still there.

The other side of the bathroom.  I had been hoping that this window was still intact.

Even the glass is still there.

This is the other side of that window.  If it works out, I plan to open it back up and use it as a pass through to the pantry.  The dishwasher and a single bowl sink will be installed on the other side.

Demolition complete!  Here you can really see the original brick foundation.

I forgot, our mini splits were installed in early August and provide a welcome change from the noisy window A/C units.  This is the inside unit for the west bedroom and the picture below is what the outside unit looks like  We installed three of these for the two bedrooms and the office upstairs instead of opening the walls to install duct work.  The nice thing about them is that each room can be adjusted for the comfort of the occupant.

Meanwhile, I got busy and painted the last bedroom of the original house.  Like all the other rooms, it required three coats and could have used a fourth.

This is before, with a chalky purple paint and faux wood grain painted trim.

And this is after.  It is a little dark in that room, so it is hard to see the lighter color but it is so much brighter than before. The room is on the west side of the house and shaded by a large tree which is great for keeping the room cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter but not so great for  taking pictures.

We are using Gliddon Country White throughout the house except the kitchen, pantry and bathrooms.  Buying premixed colors means that I can drag out painting and not worry about matching colors.  The trim is Behr Marquis Wild Bosenberry as it matches the original stain found in the entrance hall.

This room is going to be doing double duty.  Originally it was going to be our son's room, However, when he was put on a wait list for campus housing, he opted to find a small apartment instead.  With his school and work schedule, it is unlikely he will be home very often.  It seemed inefficient to just let the room stay empty while he was gone.   It is unlikely he will be home next summer as his technical college requires a summer internship. So while he is gone, the room will be my sewing room and when he is home for visit or we have overnight guests, it will be the guest room.

The bedroom is a fairly small room, only 9 ft by 10 1/2 ft so I am asking a lot of the space. To make the best use of the space we have, we bought a Murphy cabinet bed.  The mattress folds up and stores in the cabinet.  When you need the bed, the top comes off to become the foot of the bed, the front pulls down and the mattress is unfolded to be the bed again.  It only comes in a queen size which takes up most of the bedroom with just a couple of feet all the way around it to spare.  

I plan to use this cabinet as my cutting and pressing table once I can set the room up as sewing room. I will put my Big board on the top of the cabinet and keep my gravity feed iron off to the side. 

This is what it looks like without bedding.  The nice thing about the design is that once folded up, there is still some room for pillows and a blanket before you put the top back on.

For the rest of the room, I have three Gidget tables that can collapse to be stored under the bed and every thing else can be stored in the closet.  When the occupant leaves, the bed will be folded back up and the machines can come back out to play.

I will put up pictures of the sewing room when it is complete.  For now, until the addition is complete and DH and I have our master bed room, DH and I are sleeping on this bed.  We had to add a mattress topper (the mattress squashes under my weight) but otherwise it is fairly comfortable.

And finally, our foundation was dug and poured last week!

We are waiting now for the concrete to cure so they can begin framing. 

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bbarna said...

How exciting to see the transformation. I love the cabinet bed. They sell them at the furniture store here as well. We have a very small house, and need to make the most of the real estate, so that would be a great idea.