Tuesday, July 09, 2019

Old House Update: July 2019 Sewing Room/Guest Room

Once again, I find myself realizing just how long it has been since my last blog post.  When I last posted, the addition was just starting to shape up and now it is nearly complete.  It lacks only a few final finishing touches and I plan to post the final pictures in the next month or so.  In my defense, the Diva has had a number of medical issues that has consumed most of my time since fall, but she seems to be healthy and stable now and I have some time for other projects.

The first project was to arrange my new sewing room.  Dear Husband and I had been sleeping in the smallest bedroom upstairs with plans to make it a combination of sewing room and guest room once we moved to our new master bedroom.  The room is only 9’ x 10.5’, so for it to double as both guest room and sewing room was going to take some thought.  

Last September, DH and I purchased a Murphy cabinet bed, which I mentioned in this post  I considered a wall bed, but the ceilings are barely 7’ tall and I was concerned about putting holes into old plaster.  We used the cabinet bed as our bed until our new addition was complete and we bought a new bed for us.  Once we moved into the new room, I could convert the room into my sewing room.  

Sewing machine in Gidget II table.  I love my view from this window which looks into a lovely maple tree.  

I am using Gidget tables to hold my sewing machines.  The serger and coverstitch machine swap places as needed during sewing.

Cabinet bed which doubles as my cutting/pressing station.  The bed is topped by a Big Board which is big enough to cut and press most projects..  The pole holds the gallon water bottle for the gravity feed iron.  The Big Board cutting mat slides under the bed when not in use so it will stay flat.  

Corner.  The sewing cabinet in the corner was a gift from my niece and her husband and holds his grandmother’s 1949 Singer 15-91.  The art cart next to it is very handy and holds the most used sewing notions.

Sewing books, pattern magazines and notions.  

Right side of sewing closet.  I take the sliding doors off when the room is in sewing mode as the doors annoy me.  The shelves hold fabric and a few more notions.

Left side of closet.  I need to organize the space better, but am not sure yet how.  The embroidery machine sits on the shelves here.

I used the room for sewing for about a month when our son came home for the weekend.  It took less than an hour to convert the sewing room to sleeping room.

The serger and overlock machines were placed on the shelves on the left side and the sewing machine was set on the art cart.  Everything else fit around the machines.

The top of the cabinet bed was cleared and the iron pole removed.  The red ribbon peeking out from under the bed is tied to the cutting mat so I can pull it out easily.  The two plastic sets of drawers hold sewing machine accessories and pressing tools.

The Big Board tables are folded and placed so they will end up under the bed when it is folded out.  The top of the cabinet is on the left.  The cabinet is big enough that I can store bedding on top of the folded mattress.

The bed completely folded out and ready for our son to visit.

The little cabinet in the corner can now be used as a desk if needed.  The 401 found a home in the closet.  I rearranged it again after I took the pictures above.

I organized the top of this shelf a little more to fit the thread cabinet .  I think it looks nicer.

The closet with doors.  I ought to paint those doors. Originally, I planned to keep them off and substitute curtains, so I didn’t paint the doors when I painted the rest of the room.  But I think I prefer the doors, so I guess I ought to paint them to match the rest of the woodwork.  Or maybe not.  

I have made a couple of shirts for me in this room and so far, I think it works out pretty well.  I am sure that I will continue to make adjustments in the layout as my needs change, but overall, the concept works and allows me to have both guest room for weekend stays.  Now if Dear Son wants to come home and stay longer than a week, we may have to make some other arrangements.

As nice as this room is, and I do enjoy it, it is not always possible to sew upstairs away from the Diva.  Due to her particular medical issues, she needs to have someone fairly close to her at all times.  To remain close, but still allow me to enjoy my hobby, I set up a second sewing station in the living room.  

This is my nice oak cabinet that can bet completely closed up if needed.  It is too heavy to try to get up the stairs, so it lives downstairs.  I use the bookcase colonnade for additional storage and there is another tall cabinet in the dining room with my quilting stash and scraps too small for clothing that I may use for sewing doll clothes.

Quilting station.  My current project is a king sized quilt for our new bed and I am using the quilt-as-you-go technique.  The little chest of drawers to the right was my night stand as a child.  

So far, I like my new sewing spaces a lot and am grateful to have a little space of my own again. I may one day take over Sprite’s room as my sewing room as it is bigger with more natural light.  As she is only a high school sophomore, I have quite a few years before she is in a home of her own.  Until then, these two spaces will serve me well and I hope to spend many hours planning and creating there.

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